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Low Carbon Silico Manganese

Low Carbon Silico Manganese

Low Carbon Silico Manganese

Low Carbon Silico Manganese which is populary known as LCSiMn is a ferrous alloy with content of carbon, silica and manganese. A large number of steel producing companies extensively demand low carbon silico managanese for reducing total production treatment by using these at the time of slag reduction instead of HCFeMn and decarburization process. Low level carbon silico manganese is extensively appreciated for reducing the lining attack that may cause due to less fluid slag (less MnO).

Even the results of hi-tech computer model calculations shows that use of LCSiMn practice over HCFeMn results in improvements in productivity of 4% to 6% din the steel decarburization process. Offered carbon silicone manganese of low carbon grade also find its use for replacing the Mn-metal and FeSi in the production of several carbon steel grades. The Low Carbon Silico Manganese is acknowledge in the market for its special quality of having twice to four times higher phosphorus ratio (% Mn / % P) than standard HCFeMn.

Technical Specification :


55% Min

58% Min


0.2% Max

0.2% Max

23-25% Min


0.15% Max

0.1% Max


0.02% Max

0.02% Max